Top 10 shortcuts in Windows 10

on Nov 22, 2016



windowsWith windows 10 now cementing itself as the standard windows operating system we wanted to share some quick and easy shortcuts to help you spend less time navigating menus and more time actually doing what you want! Thankfully the start menu is back with Windows 10 but it is not always necessary to click away at 8 things to get where you want to go. Take a look at our favorite top 10 shortcuts we use daily on our windows machines.



Shortcut Description
Windows Key The windows key alone is very useful to bring up the start menu. This can be useful because you can just start typing the name of an application or Store app or computer setting and then press Enter to open it.
Windows Key + D Need to get to the desktop and don’t want to close or minimize several windows to get there? This shortcut minimizes everything at once, pressing it again will restore your windows again.
Windows Key + L A quick and easy way to lock your computer when you walk away.
Windows Key + E Open Windows File explorer. Need to drill down into some folder and find that specific file? This shortcut gets straight to it!
Windows Key + I Fast access to your computers settings panel! Great for getting to Wi-Fi settings if you need to look for available networks.
Windows Key + (+) or (-) Zoom your screen in and out with magnifier! Pressing Windows key + Esc will exit magnifier
Windows Key + TAB Activate Task view and see quickly everything your computer has active and select easily the window you wish to move to.
Windows Key + Left or Right Using multiple monitors? (You should be) Use this shortcut to quickly move active applications to another screen.
Windows Key + 1 / 2 / 3 Open programs or applications that are pinned to the taskbar. The first app is number one.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Windows Task Manager – Monitor what is currently running and check the general status of your computer here!