This is what personal service looks like! “ The folks at KCTC went above and beyond what I was expecting when I needed TV & internet service at my new residence. I was able to get connected right away last winter & the technicians were right back out once the ground thawed to bury my new Fiber. I am so happy to have found a company that treats people like people. I would recommend KCTC service to anyone looking for something better.”

Elaine Jennings

Residential Customer

“We were very excited to switch to KCTC in August of this year.  The quality of our phone service and the speed of our internet is great and so beneficial to our agency’s day to day operations. The installation and the switch from our previous provider was seamless.  The KCTC staff are so friendly and helpful!  This was a very smart decision on our part!”

Luke Horak

Horak Insurance

“It is nice to have a good local provider of phone, internet and cable services. I really like the single bill for all three services and they are very responsive on service. The HDTV really looks good and they have many options for packages for the TV and Internet.”

Dave J. Hochstetler

Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, Hills Bank & Trust

“We previously used 2 ISP which we have eliminated by switching to KCTC. We prefer to use local company where we know who is supplying us and who will be here to help us during emergencies.”

Richard S. Bordwell

President, Bordwell Law

“At Washington County Mini Bus, communication is a necessity. Without it we can not operate. Switching to KCTC has positively affected our business. When we have called with questions the staff have been knowledgeable, supportive and quick to respond to our needs. The technicians that set up our service were also helpful and supportive. They did not leave until all of our questions were answered. We are glad we made the switch to KCTC.”

Cris Gaughan

Transit Director, Washington County Mini Bus

I have had KCTC’s Internet and TV for over a year and my whole family loves it.  We don’t have to worry about the TV or Internet going out during storms.  Internet speed is fast and reliable.  The wireless network reaches upstairs and downstairs with ease.  I have had other Internet and television providers and I would recommend KCTC over any of them.

David Warth

Residential & Business Customer, Lebowski's Rock -n- Bowl

“KCTC’s ability to provide high-quality and reliable internet service is an asset to our business community and to our organizations. Every day, I rely on high-speed internet to communicate with stakeholders across the state, collect and analyze large data sets, and publish website updates. I truly appreciate the hard-working and dedicated folks at KCTC that allow me carry out these tasks efficiently and without disruption in service.”

Ben Curtis

Project Manager, English River Watershed

“I am thrilled to be able to have KCTC’s Fiber services in our new office in Washington! The friendly staff at KCTC are extremely helpful, the installation technicians were professional, & having local support for our business is a huge benefit to us & the Washington community.”

Ann C. Williams Agency

Farm Bureau Financial Services

“The UP Home’s decision to switch our internet, phone, and cable services to KCTC was easy – quality and affordability paired with the familiar and local faces made the choice for us. The transition to KCTC fiber has not only positively affected our staff, but also a large number of residents. The KCTC team’s attention, time commitment and patience to our project has been comparable to none!”

Erin Drahota

Administrator, COO United Presbyterian Home

“From the initial contact, everyone was professional. We completed an analysis of current services, compared and was explained what was offered. Installation of fiber optic was completed on time. Our internet speeds have noticeably increased and are more reliable. For business customers, KCTC offered tremendous value!”

Mark Beatty

Beatty & Perterseim Funeral & Monument Services

“As a family we believe in shopping local. When KCTC came to town we were thrilled to switch to a local provider. We have been pleased with our internet service at home and appreciate the friendly staff at KCTC!”

Teresa Beenblossom

Residential Customer

“Having dependable communication & internet services that I can rely on is a necessity to do business in today’s fast-paced and technology driven world. I’m excited to have a local provider like KCTC in town and am looking forward to all the advantages and opportunities that having Fiber in Washington will bring.”

Elisabeth Tinnes

Music Therapist & Owner, The Joy of Music, LLC

“When KCTC approached me to offer internet, television, and phone, I was a pretty easy sell… and that isn’t usually the case with me! Not only are they local, with support for them also translating into supporting our county tax base, KCTC also supported this entire community by investing major dollars with this utility infrastructure. All that aside, personally I’m a big fan of using quality products. Hands down, KCTC fiber is the best. It is fast, it is reliable. Finally, as an added bonus, if you have a problem or question and need to call them, an actual person answers the phone. This is rare. So, my support and cheers to KCTC!”

Jaron Rosien

JP's 207, Washington, IA

“I remembered how unreliable our past internet connection was compared to KCTC’s new fiber services. Now KCII Radio has a trusted local company to rely on four our technology needs. With KCTC we’re getting better service, much faster speeds, & saving money!”

Joe Nichols

General Manager, KCII Radio

“I needed support late on a Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to be speaking to a helpful technician just moments after my call. The tech made sure all was well with my service, was professional and friendly. I really appreciate KCTC and the service they provide. I have been telling residents how satisfied we are with our KCTC services and now I’ll be touting KCTC support as well!”

Brad Goff

Residential Customer